About Us


“Living In The F.O.G.” was born out of fervent prayer for direction in strategic decisions I needed to make relating to my professional development and the course of my life.  It has been through the Favor of God that I have been blessed and successful in my career and now I know what is to come is better than what has been!

Living In The F.O.G. is an official trademark.  It has been registered since February 2006.  There is a two-fold message behind F.O.G.  Let me explain it like this;When you think about fog, sometimes there is light fog, dense fog and sometimes the fog is so thick you cannot see 3 feet in front of you.  Now put that in the spiritual context.  Sometimes God gives you light Favor (FOG) sometimes little Favor (FOG) and then the Favor (FOG) becomes so thick you cannot see or explain what God is doing.  That is why I am Living In The F.O.G.  So when you see fog, you choose how you want to view it.